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What makes Skai Healing Arts different? Well, it begins with Jena Skai and her passion for holistic care. By integrating massage & energy work, healing can occur on deeper levels bridging the gap between the mind, body & spirit, becoming whole through self awareness and recognizing the connections our thoughts and emotions have on our body, which can help us achieve harmony in our physical body and bring peace to our mind & spirit. Experience the difference and see the results yourself.

Check out our new line of essential oils!

All our products will now be using Jade Bloom essential oils. Jena has been working on redesigning some products, from skincare to natural healing, using these wonderful oils. Have questions? Feel free to ask Jena.

Holistic Bodywork

Massage therapy is a great natural alternative to healing pain and relieving tension. So many different medical conditions can benefit from massage. With Jena's extensive training in clinical massage, she can devise a treatment plan for anything, from simple stress relief to even the most complicated cases.

Energy healing is growing in popularity and with just cause. With more nurses and hospitals offering energy work such as Reiki to help speed recovery, more and more people are looking to these mysterious healing methods. Life force energy is found in all living things and it is through this we are also connected to everything. Energy healing balances the mind, body & spirit by aligning the chakras & cleansing the aura. As a Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Shamanic Reiki Therapy, Jena provides a variety of energy healing sessions and offers workshops for those that wish to learn the art of energy healing. 


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Spiritual Life Coaching

Life coaching has been spreading like wildfire! It's kind of like having a personal cheerleader that comes equipped with gps for keeping your life on track. There's tons of different coaching styles and specializations. With Spiritual Life Coaching Jena spins her unique talents as an energy healer to infuse chakra balancing & self-healing techniques into her coaching sessions. As she teaches you these techniques, she also helps you determine your purpose and find balance within your life by embracing the goddess within. To help you stay on track coaching sessions are available as a package of 3-30 minute sessions only. At this time coaching sessions are done either online or in person. Jena is currently working on creating an entire online coaching program.  

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Yoga Sessions

Enjoy one of Jena's private one on one yoga sessions to enhance your own practice. Private sessions can include a group event or party, as long as you have space to accommodate. The benefits of yoga far surpass just the physical body. Learn techniques to help relieve stress, tension and elevate your mood naturally through breathwork and stretching.  Chronic pain and some medical conditions can benefit from yoga as well. Schedule a consult with Jena if you would like more information. Of course check out the yoga page for more details on the types of sessions available.

"Many people ask me what's my favorite style of yoga... well it's really tough to answer that. Yoga is such a personal practice that often times my favorite is what resonates with me for that day. I love Bhakti style yoga which is slower with more chanting, but if I'm needing more energy for the day I might choose a Vinyasa flow instead to get the blood pumping and maybe even get a little sweaty. So I guess to answer that question I'd have to say whatever style yoga my heart desires."

~Jena Skai