Skai Healing Arts

Welcome to Skai Healing Arts! Jacksonville's place for Holistic Massage & Energy Healing.

What makes Skai Healing Arts different? Well, it begins with Jena Skai and her passion for holistic care. By integrating massage & energy work, healing can occur on deeper levels bridging the gap between the mind, body & spirit, becoming whole through self awareness and recognizing the connections our thoughts and emotions have on our body, which can help us achieve harmony in our physical body and bring peace to our mind & spirit.

Experience the difference and see the results yourself. 

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Massage Therapy

Massage is more than just a luxury treatment, it's a natural way to improve overall health & wellness by alleviating pain & tension, and providing stress relief. With regular treatments you will experience healing on many levels, while connecting mind, body & spirit.

Energy Healing

Life force energy is found in all living things and it is through this we are also connected to everything. Energy healing balances the mind, body & spirit by aligning the chakras & cleansing the aura.

Jena also offers classes & workshops for those interested in learning these healing techniques. 

Reiki classes available

Sessions available by appointment only. Reserve yours by scheduling online now and enjoy our online specials.

Tarot Reading

Ever been interested in how these types of readings work? Jena offers them in her office or by email. When you're connected to energy and understand how to interpret it, it allows the passing of this energy encoded information from one person to another. As an energy healer, Jena is able to read this energy to share insights and bring to surface deeply rooted information to help you on your path.

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