Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner Training

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing and probably one of the most widely known and accepted forms of energy healing available today. It has become available in hospitals across the US and among the continuing education modalities for nurses. Research continues to show that it is a safe and effective complimentary treatment to aid in healing. Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho is the foundation or the roots of Reiki, as taught by its founder Dr. Mikao Usui. Shamanic Reiki Therapy is combined approach of traditional reiki and shamanic healing practices to deepen the level of healing available to the practitioner. If your a certified reiki practitioner already and are interested in becoming a certified shamanic reiki therapy practitioner please contact Jena to discuss your options.

Intuitive Reiki Ryoho

This traditional Usui Reiki workshop offers three levels of certification and also a special Sensei, or teaching level. These courses are based on the original teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui and includes some of the additional contributions of Dr. Hayashi’s work on using Reiki to treat specific conditions. New information regarding the use of Reiki and laws around the practice of the healing arts will also be discussed, as well as ethical standards for energy treatments. An in depth look at energy anatomy will provide practitioners with a thorough understanding of how this energy healing works on the various layers of the energetic body. Concentration on traditional Japanese Reiki healing techniques are taught throughout the levels. All classes include a practitioner manual and printed certificate of completion. Classes must be taken in order and special requirements met before continuing onto the next level. The following outline is a glimpse of what you can expect from each level.

Reiki Level 1 ~ Shoden

In this level you will learn:

  • History and lineage of Reiki
  • Energy anatomy
  • Contraindications and ethical considerations for treatment
  • Connection to Reiki energy flow and activation of power symbol
  • Self treatment & client techniques
  • Traditional Reiki developmental techniques

Reiki Level 2 ~ Okuden

In this level you will learn:

  • 3 Reiki symbols and mantras
  • How to draw the symbols to invoke energy
  • How to use symbols in healing sessions
  • Ways to clear or draw out negative energy and infuse Reiki energy
  • Reiki meditation to build energy
  • Breath of Reiki to keep the energy channel clear in the practitioner

Reiki Level 3 ~ Shinpiden/Master

In this level you will learn:

  • Master Reiki symbols
  • Advanced body scanning
  • Intuitive energy healing techniques
  • Living Reiki daily
  • Reiki self care for Masters
  • Violet light Reiki meditation

Shinpiden Sensei ~ Master Teacher

In this special training you will learn:

  • How to give Reiki attunements
  • Developing course outlines
  • Teaching by experience
  • Honoring Ancestors
  • Marketing & promoting

Intuitive Reiki training is available throughout the year. An updated schedule for 2017 will be posted when it is available. If you are interested in private training please use the form below to contact Jena. Please note that private training is more expensive then attending a training class. You may host your own training class to reduce the cost by including 3 or more people in your private class.

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