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If you are searching for more than just your typical massage and know that the connection between the mind, body & spirit is important for self healing, then you've found your home. This is exactly what makes Skai Healing Arts different from the rest. Jena Skai offers a variety of treatments from cultures all over the world. By integrating massage & energy work, healing can occur on deeper levels, bridging the gap between the mind, body & spirit that western medicine overlooks. Through self-awareness and recognizing the connections our thoughts and emotions have on our body, we can begin to achieve harmony. 

 Here you can experience healing on a deeper level, addressing root causes not just covering up symptoms. With intuitive massage & bodywork, shamanic energy healing, chakra balancing, and spiritual life coaching, we can work together to help create harmony in your life through natural healing practices. Each session includes time for consultations and self-care recommendations and is intuitively guided, truly making every appointment unique. Experience the difference and see the results yourself.

Special Packages

Massage therapy

Therapeutic 180 Package

Are you experiencing  pain? Do you need immediate relief so you can get back to your life? Then this Therapeutic 180 Package is for you! Jena Skai will work with you to develop a treatment care plan to get you out of pain and back to enjoying life as soon as possible. Includes first 75 minute session and 2 follow-up 60 minute sessions for $180 (regular $225, that's a $45 savings!).

energy healing reiki

Sacred Soul Package

Feeling a little drained, out of whack or lost in your life? Are you seeking balance? Then this Sacred Soul Package is for you. A blend of shamanic reiki healing, chakra balancing and intuitive bodywork, along with sage, crystals and essential oils will help restore balance to the mind, body & spirit. 90 minute session $110

This Month's Special

The Sacral Chakra is our source of pleasure and joy. It is our creative center that allows us to give birth to new ideas and flow within life. It is the Divine Feminine energy of Shakti. The emotional desire behind our reasons. It is our center of sensuality and the power that lies within it. If you are feeling stuck, hold in fears and self-doubt, lack self-confidence and have difficulty feeling pleasure and joy, then try this 90 minute session infused with energy practices specifically designed to balance and align the sacral center. MonthlySpecial $90 

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