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My journey into energy healing began almost 20 years ago as a teen. I began studying and practicing shamanism, chakra healing, crystal therapy, spiritual studies and herbalism. As a young adult I continued my journey by learning aromatherapy, Reiki, reflexology, massage therapy and eventually even yoga. 

My path has brought me to this place of being an empowered female entrepreneur, sharing my gifts and helping others in their healing. Creating a community within itself, of beautiful souls seeking answers, self-empowerment, and healing.  

My work has always been intuitively guided. It is through experience that we best learn to understand and practice energy. After many years of self-study and training, I developed Sacred Soul Shamanic Reiki, a blend of energy healing techniques to provide a deeper healing practice and experience. Many of my workshops become sold out, a sign that the world is awakening and ready for deeper healing. No matter what service you see me for, I rely on my intuitive connection and guidance to allow me to serve you and offer the greatest healing. From my wealth of knowledge in energy healing, clinical massage application, and alternative medicine, I offer personalized treatments. 


NC LMBT#6986, A.A.S in Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Clinical Treatment, Cupping Therapy, meridian based massage, aromatic medicine, flower essence remedies, neuromuscular therapy, Reiki, reflexology, myofascial release, kinetic massage, trigger point therapy, herbs for health, dietary wellness, life coaching, crystal therapy, yoga instructor, massage therapy instructor, REAL marketing and business.

Founder/Creator of:  Sacred Soul Shamanic Reiki, Sacred Soul Coaching, Sacred Soul Chakra Yoga, Energy Healing Savasana, Money Mindset & Marketing Magic for Spiritual Practitioners, Yoga Self-Care for Bodyworkers, Sacred Soul Energy Anatomy.

<p>when we stop resisting life begins to bloom</p>

when we stop resisting life begins to bloom

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