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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

This therapeutic massage targets deeper layers of muscle tissue using a variety of techniques, along with massage tools including heat packs,    gua sha (scrapping method) and massage cupping as needed. 

$65 +

Intuitive Bodywork

An intuitive massage that blends specific deeper work to the areas that need it, while soothing rhythmic strokes provide overall relaxation. This massage is completely customized to your needs for the session, including energy work and crystal healing.

*Pregnancy massage is also available on our online booking page.

$65 +

Shamanic Reiki

This energy healing session promotes spiritual growth by releasing energetic blockages and negative attachments, while infusing the body with positive energy to nourish your spirit. It balances the flow of energy in the aura, chakras and meridians. 


Shamanic Journey

Connect with your totem animal spirit or healing guides with this personal shamanic journey session. Jena Skai will guide you on your own journey to experience the amazing shamanic realms yourself. 


Lomi Lomi Massage

A blend of Hawaiian shamanic energy healing and long flowing massage strokes to shift awareness and create a deeply transformational experience. 

$45 +

Spiritual Life Coaching

Determine your life purpose, dreams, and goals and begin to make them a reality so you can live the life you love. Together we will create steps necessary for growth & change and get you started on the right path. By adding spiritual insights such as the law of attraction and teaching energy healing techniques like chakra & aura balancing, you will experience a new sense of awareness & consciousness in your life. Are ready to create a life you love?

$35 +

Sangoma Oracle Readings

In this personal card reading and sangoma session you will learn both the shadow/ego traits and light/higher self traits of your soul, bringing forth the issues that need work to continue moving forward in your life lessons.

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